• AXIS Clinicals successfully completes 14th US FDA audit (June 2016)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes US FDA audit for ICP-OES services (March 2016)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes 7th ANVISA – Brazil audit (March 2015)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes WHO audit (March 2015)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes 3rd MHRA audit (Sep 2014)
  • BA-BE studies conducted at AXIS Clinicals are accepted by Chile – ISP

Our Focus

We bring people and knowledge together for a better world.
AXIS Clinicals is one of the country’s largest full service Clinical / biopharmaceutical development provider with a team of more than +350 professionals working in four major countries (India, U.S, Mexico & Thailand). We have partnered many of the top Generic pharmaceutical companies across the globe. With our extensive therapeutic, scientific and analytical expertise, we have helped our customers navigate an increasingly complex healthcare environment.
We collaborate with our partners to address their clinical development needs using our expertise and help our customers optimize the value of their drug development.
AXIS success begins and ends with our customer satisfaction and we always try to build the right customer relationship to deliver maximum value.


Fact sheet

  • Over 1,600 clinical studies completed since inception
  • Over 290 bioanalytical methods developed
  • Over 38 successful Regulatory audits
  • Global footprint of operations with sites in India, U.S, Mexico & Thailand.
  • Two clinical facilities in India
  • 60+ National and International Pharma/Biotech Sponsor companies working with AXIS
  • US FDA : 200+ approvals, EMEA : 70+ approvals, Canada : 20+ approvals, Australia : 30+ approvals
  • 350+ staff working globally
  • Huge database of patient population in various therapeutic areas viz. Cardiology, Opthalmology, Schizophrenia, Diabetology, Oncology. Orthopedics etc..

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