• AXIS Clinicals successfully completes 14th US FDA audit (June 2016)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes US FDA audit for ICP-OES services (March 2016)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes 7th ANVISA – Brazil audit (March 2015)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes WHO audit (March 2015)
  • AXIS Clinicals successfully completes 3rd MHRA audit (Sep 2014)
  • BA-BE studies conducted at AXIS Clinicals are accepted by Chile – ISP

Project Management

The dedicated project managers at AXIS Clinicals leverage their expertise and insights to help customers optimize the value of their drug development, commercialization and health care delivery with an aim to earn the customers’ trust by delivering on our promises with high-quality health care services that help improve outcomes.

Soon after a project is assigned to AXIS Clinicals, a team of experts meet up under the supervision of a Project Manager who efficiently and effectively addresses your project objectives on target, ahead of schedule and within budgets. Our Project Managers and support team are committed to provide up-front client centric planning to make sure we have the best understanding with your team and unique study requirements. Project Managers ensure the team is well aware of what needs to be done and when, keeping your project activities moving promptly according to the strategy.

Furthermore, AXIS Clinicals’ dedicated project managers’ foster proactive and timely communication through regular telecons, besides aligning with the internal department, enhancing confidence that each aspect of your project is being taken care effectively and efficiently.

Starting from study set-up, kit creation, database design and site communication, to sample handling, reporting and database lock, AXIS Clinicals’ project managers are trained to offer you consistent, meticulous results by identifying and managing every risk involved in the project.


Fact sheet

  • Over 1,600 clinical studies completed since inception
  • Over 290 bioanalytical methods developed
  • Over 38 successful Regulatory audits
  • Global footprint of operations with sites in India, U.S, Mexico & Thailand.
  • Two clinical facilities in India
  • 60+ National and International Pharma/Biotech Sponsor companies working with AXIS
  • US FDA : 200+ approvals, EMEA : 70+ approvals, Canada : 20+ approvals, Australia : 30+ approvals
  • 350+ staff working globally
  • Huge database of patient population in various therapeutic areas viz. Cardiology, Opthalmology, Schizophrenia, Diabetology, Oncology. Orthopedics etc..

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